Courage Is A Habit

Actionable tools & strategies for parents to defend their children from indoctrination in K-12.

Children deserve to grow up with their innocence intact. Your support allows us to empower and reach more parents:

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

Unbeknownst to the majority of parents, K-12 public schools are partnering with NGOs,
utilizing their services to advance progressive and radical ideologies. This clandestine
partnership takes advantage of the "non-partisan" façade these NGOs present, all too
often escaping parental notice.

Exposing School Counselors

School counselors and social workers have operated with impunity because parents still believe them to be "guidance counselors" of the past. They are now the biggest purveyors of the Transgender Cult and critical race theory. We expose them using their own training materials.

SEL Survey Opt-Out

In-class surveys are how your child's data is manipulated to justify more destructive Social Emotional Learning programs. We explain how the surveys work and what you can do about it immediately to protect your child.

Decoder Series

The Decoder Series breaks down confusing indoctrination programs and gaslighting tactics used by woke activists to silence parents. Study these easy-to-follow Decoders so you feel confident to defend your children without apologies.


These resources show parents how to counter strategies used by radical, child abusing ideologues. Fight smarter and more efficiently!


Radical activists consistently put parents on the defensive. These tools allow parents to consistently stay on offense and force child abusers out of their child's school.


Critical Race Theorists and Child Mutilation Advocates (CMA) use your vocabulary but not your dictionary.Understanding “Language Contamination” will help you understand their strategies so that you do not get lulled into complacency or guilted into silence.

Transgender Facts

These incredible organizations publish information that separates fact from fiction. Use it to combat emotional blackmail from Child Mutilation Advocates (CMA) in your schools.

Curated Data and Information

External Resources

Curated resources from trusted friends and partners. Download and follow their amazing work.

State Surveys

K-12 public schools, in all 50 states, will be doing invasive data mining surveys on your children between January 3 - June 30, 2023. Please opt your child out immediately! Your child’s data is being manipulated to justify more radical ideology; every time they tell you a policy is “evidence-based”, “data driven”, or “research shows”, they’re referring to these types of surveys. There is zero reason for a government entity to collect and weaponize data against your children.* These are NOT the SEL surveys. These "Health Surveys" are given directly from each state's Department of Education.

Vulgar Books

A tiny fraction of the type of pornographic and Transgender Cult books found in K-12 in school districts across the country. And yes...they are in your school too.

Transgender Cult Indoctrination


Trafficking Children To Transgenderism

LD 1735 | Transgender Trafficking Bill

UPDATE! Thanks to every one of you, LD 1735 was killed in committee on January 25, 2024 with a 12-0 vote

This proposed Transgender Trafficking Bill would permit the state of Maine to receive minors from other states seeking transgender treatments, such as breast binding, penis tucking, irreversible puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or mutilation surgeries. The bill allows the state to take these minors from their parents and make them wards of the state, with state-funded programs covering the cost of their treatment.

Maine LD 227

LD 227 is the worst assault against parental rights we have ever seen. It offers protection to transgender traffickers while penalizing parents for seeking legal recourse against malpractice.PLEASE TAKE 2 MINUTES AND HELP US DEFEAT THIS HORRENDOUS BILL BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW.

You do not have to live in Maine to fight because LD 227 impacts parents rights in all 50 states.


Articles, live streams, and interviews about our mission, strategies, and exposures of various indoctrination tentacles in K-12. For media inquiries, please email


Our Philosophy
Fear is a habit. Each time you want to speak up and you do not, it becomes a little easier next time to stay silent.
The great news is that courage is also a habit. Each time you speak up, even when you're afraid, it becomes a little easier next time to not stay silent.Our Mission
We believe that parents instinctively know how to protect their children's innocence. Our mission is to create actionable tools for parents so they can confidently fight for their children without apology.

If you would like to bring Courage Is A Habit to your state to help you win the war against radical indoctrination in K-12, email us at